Your Trusted Overland Transport Company

Over 40 years and 4 million miles of Safe Driving Experience

Getting Your Cargo to Its Destination Safely Is #1 Priority

If you are in need of timely transport services, turn to none other than American Overland Freight. My name is Jerry Fritts, and I am the third-generation owner and operator of this company. I have more than 40 years of overland freight experience and have a safe driving record for over 4 million miles.


What I Can Do for You

Throughout my more than four decades of experience, I have transported a wide variety of goods for my clients throughout the United States and Canada. From general commodities to hazardous materials, you can rely on me to bring your cargo to its destination on time and in one piece. Getting your load safely to its destination is my number one priority.

Why Choose Me

As an experienced operator, I have received several accolades and awards throughout my long career in the freight industry. In 1992, I was recognized as Contractor of the Year and was elected by the American Trucking Assoc. as one of the top 20 professional truck drivers in America on America's Road Team. I also teach beginner to advanced drivers.


My Mission

I am committed to professional, customized, and timely service!