Jerry Fritts: An Experienced Overland Freight Operator

My name is Jerry Fritts, and I am a third generation owner/operator with more than four million miles of safe driving experience. Throughout my long career in the overland freight business, I have hauled general commodities, fragile goods, high value items, hazardous materials (including explosives), and even classified cargo. I have journeyed throughout the United States and Canada, including the Yukon territories and Alaska.


My Background

I have been an owner/operator for nearly 36 years and was leased to the largest owner/operator system in North America. During that time I was claim-free, drove nearly 2 million accident-free miles, and doubled that as a company driver for another of the top 10 LTL common carriers.

My Accomplishments

Throughout my career, I have earned several other recognitions for claims-free service, safety, customer service, revenue production, and professional attitude. In addition, I was published in an op-ed article on Transport Topics on August 15, 2011. Titled "No Longer a Penny Business," it tackled more effective carrier/supply chain communications for a different perspective in understanding carrier operating costs.

I was also selected as Contractor of the Year in 1992 and was elected as one of the top 20 professional truck drivers in the country on America's Road Team by the American Trucking Assoc.

My Charitable Career

While waiting for the freight market to shift back to a more profitable trend, I seized the opportunity to pursue my civic responsibilities to give back to the community. During this period, I earned the 2010 New Volunteer of the Year Award and the "Partnership Award" in 2011 at the Mid-South Chapter of the American Red Cross.

As a volunteer, I became fleet manager and disaster shelter manager, and I also worked to develop sheltering relationships within religious organizations. Additionally, I helped with disaster preparedness presentations and developed and taught disaster contingency planning to the public. I also helped design and manage large Red Cross promotions at a variety of events, such as air shows.

Gerald E. Fritts, Jr. Resume

Gerald E. Fritts, Jr.

As a professional truck driver, I have over forty years of safe driving as an over-the-road and long-distance driver hauling cargo throughout the United States, the Canadian provinces, Alaska, and the Yukon territories. My experience as a third-generation truck driver includes hauling highly specialized cargo such as explosives, classified Department of Defense shipments, and high-value cargo. My experience also includes hauling cargo on vans, tankers, and flatbed trailers, and I have also driven charter buses for a short period. I qualified for the Department of Defense Personal Security Surveillance and Defense National Security Check clearances.

  • (901) 605-9912

  • truckingsafely@bellsouth.net

  • 2766 Gerald Ford Drive West Cordova, TN 38016


Employment Experience

Successfully re-opened my nationwide trucking business, operating under my own authority. American Overland Freight.

AmeriCorps Vista. Assigned to the Mid-South Chapter of the American Red Cross. Developed a more effective Red Cross operation through building relationships with other Federal agencies and the Tennessee counties of Tipton, Lauderdale, and Fayette.

Active Volunteer at American Red Cross, Mid-South Chapter, Chairman of fleet management and maintenance.
Managed disaster shelter operations.

Field Resources Manager, Greatwide Truckload Management.
Provided counseling services for both owner-operators and agents to develop more profitable business practices and conducted safety meetings. Developed more effective driver and agent retention policies. Served a resource to operating company management for the introduction of new programs and improvements to existing programs.

Owner-Operator, Landstar System. I was responsible for the operation of my own business, which includes choosing my own loads, maintenance, and repairs on my tractor and trailer, permits, insurances, purchasing and financing my own equipment, and record maintenance.

At Landstar I was known as a “proactive, progressive operator.” I introduced nationwide paging to the trucking industry, and I was the first driver to insist on the Qualcomm satellite to enhance the information flow directly to the truck. I was also chosen to field test Eaton Vorad system, and I have served on Landstar’s accident review committee.

Company driver, Interstate Motor Freight System. I had fourteen consecutive years of safe driving before the company closed operations. As an employee of Interstate Motor Freight, Was the number three driver for three years in their safety program for the most miles traveled without a highway breakdown. I was the only driver east of the Mississippi in the top five ranking of the drivers for this eighth largest carrier in North America.

Awards and Recognition:

TA/Petro Citizen Driver Award

  • American Red Cross Outstanding Service Partnership Award.
  • Americorp Vista National Service Impact Award in Disaster Services.

American Red Cross Newcomer Volunteer of the Year.

Invited by Joe Clapp. Director of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, for a private meeting in Washington, D.C., regarding trucing safety issues.

Landstar Million Mile Safe Driver Award.

First Landstar driver to be featured in Landstar Ranger’s first SOLUTIONS IN MOTION corporate magazine publication.

Finalist for America’s Road Team.

Landstar Special Award. The only driver to receive this award “for always holding us to a higher standard.”

Landstar Roadstar/Contractor of the Year. Ambassador Award 1. Ambassador Award 2.


Additional Disaster Management Training Certifications.

  • Bulk Distribution Operations.
  • Logistics Simulation.
  • Logistics and Overview.
  • Disaster Instructor Specialty Training.
  • Workshop for Community Disaster Education Presenter.
  • American Red Cross Standard First Aid.
  • Working with Total Diversity.
  • Incident Command System Level 00100 through level 00800.
  • CPR – Adult.
  • Disaster Frontline Supervisor/Simulation.
  • Completed U.S. Department of Transportation Motor Carrier Safety Compliance School.
  • Completed Certification Studies for Certified Master Contractor.

Attended Fairleigh Dickinson University

Completed studies in business administration, and transportation Management and Law